Fellowship, Prayer and Announcements For January 26, 2020

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FELLOWSHIP DINNER: February 2, 2020 at 5:00pm. (First Sunday of every month)

Bible Study Tuesdays at 4:00pm. Everyone is invited.

Offering envelopes available for 2020 (giving tax credit)in hallway.

The Communion Offering for February 2020 is for Black College.

To help Puerto Rico’s earthquake victims: make your donations with reference to UMCOR advance # 901670 or you can contact UMCOR at 1-800-UMC-GBGM or 1-800-862-4246 .

Adopt an Apportionment – Please consider helping meet our 2019 giving goal. A list is printed in the Narthex of the apportionments that still need to be paid for 2019. We pray the Holy Spirit will lead you to adopt part, or all or any one.

We are looking for a tenant for the house we own in Homestead. Please speak to Charles Alderson or Santiago Garcia if you know of anyone.

The church facility is available for use by community and local groups. Share the idea with family and friends.

“Tree of Life” – Leaves and other features are available to dedicate or memorialize special individuals in your life. Flyers are available in the narthex. See Mr. Sam Jerkins for more information or questions.

Bulletins, announcements, and sermons are available at Redlandcommunityumc.org

Mission Giving Opportunities: We help sponsor United Methodist missionaries, the local food pantry and targeted giving. There are designated containers on the table in the hallway. On Communion Sundays we receive a Communion offering for designated mission outreach programs. A portion of the regular offering each Sunday in worship goes toward the church connectional mission giving (“Apportionments”). Designated offerings go toward the intended recipient as specified.

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